If your internet connection is acting up, there probably is a problem somewhere in your network. If you have tested your computer for errors and nothing came up, then it is perhaps your router. But how do you ping router to test connectivity?Ping router to test connectivity

Sometimes, it is not just because of the internet that you need to test your router for connection integrity. It is also necessary so that you would have an idea whether your router is still functioning in top form. With the results that will appear after the test, you would learn about your router’s current performance. And if you happen to find some irregularities, you would know whether to buy a new one or just do some occasional reset to factory default.

Well, this task is easy so all you have to do is follow the instructions. Rest assured that this is going to be quick and you will be done in a jiffy.

How to Ping Router

Windows OS

  1. First is to make sure that all involved devices are properly booted up. When that is established, open the Run window by pressing Windows key + R.
  2. On the blank area, type in CMD to launch the command window.
  3. On the command window, type in ipconfig and press ENTER.
  4. Look for the Default Gateway and see the IP address. For common brands such as NETGEAR and TP-LINK router, it should look like or It can be any combination of number. Just take note of that IP address as you will use it for later.
  5. Now, this time, let’s just assume that the default gateway is Type in ping /t and press ENTER.
  6. A series of lines with your IP address and time will show up. If that is the case that means your router is working fine.
  7. Now type in ping google.com /t

Note: If it says that the connection timed out, then there is something wrong with your connection. What you should do is reset your router to default and factory settings. This is possible by pressing the reset button at the back of the router for good 10 seconds.

Mac OS

  1. First, to find out the default gateway on Mac, you must open the Apple icon on the top left corner of your screen. Put your mouse and see the drop-down.
  2. Click the System Preferences.
  3. Now click on the Network icon and a new interface will show up.
  4. On the left side, choose the network you are currently connected.
  5. On the right side, find the Router and it will show the default gateway of your router. Take note of that.
  6. This time open your Applications folder and then look for the Utilities.
  7. In the Utilities, look out for Network Utility.
  8. Click on Ping and on the Enter the network address to ping bar, type in the default gateway of your router that I said you should take note.
  9. On the Send only ping, type in the number of responses that you want. 5 pings usually are enough.
  10. Click the Ping button on the right side and wait for the result.
  11. If the default gateway shows up with some time responses, it should mean that your router is fine. If it says Timed out, then there is something wrong with your connection.

Note: If the response says Timed out, then you should try to reset your router to factory settings. Keep in mind that if you reset the router, all the changes you made from the network settings will go back to the router’s default. This means that you would now see the sticker on the router to see the default username and password.

In Conclusion

If you ping router to test connectivity, the response time should be around 1 second to 5 seconds tops. If it exceeds that up to hundreds to even thousands, your router is experiencing some error. It could be that it needs to be refreshed by turning off the router for 5 minutes unplugged from the power outlet.

Or you can go for the reset to factory settings by pressing the reset button for good 10 seconds. If those things don’t work, see the LAN cable for some damages. It might be that that is the reason for the issue of connectivity. You should also do a restart with your PC to make sure that the problem is not on your Windows or Mac OS.

If it still does not fix anything, call the customer service number of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the issue is not from their end, then perhaps it is safe to say that your router needs an expert technical check-up.

If you have other problems and questions, feel free to ask it in the comment section. We will respond to all of your queries as soon as we can. We are just a little busy these days. And if you have someone that experiences the same issue with their internet connection, share them this article to help them out fix their problem.

How To Ping Router To Test Connectivity