TeamViewer – What are the alternatives?


Have you heard about TeamViewer? If you haven’t, TeamViewer is an online software program for desktop sharing, remote desktop management, file sharing, video conferencing, online conferences and web conferencing among multiple computers. It is widely used for web conference solutions in several industries like IT, telecommunication, medical, education and government. It is especially used to create a smooth and efficient communication between two or more different users in a business setting.

It gives the option of accessing the company’s data files and other information, through the internet. Users can manage their desktop and set up a conference with the help of this tool. The software features customizable features to make the user-interface of the computer easy to navigate and use. The interface of the TeamViewer allows you to create different conference calls with various participants at any location.

What You Need To Know About TeamViewer

Remote access to devices remotely means that you can take your data, configurations or system settings from one computer to another. For example, it is an everyday practice for professional or even business use, to take the contents of a USB drive to the office to access certain files or settings on your computer. With the advent of technologies, we are able to access these files online and access the same information from any distance with the help of internet connection.

However, accessing the same information is not possible if your computer is not connected to the Internet is not available to you. With the use of USB drives, this can be a problem. Hence, what are the solutions to this problem? You can either use USB external drives that are not only convenient to carry around but also enable you to access files and settings even from a different location.

TeamViewer Alternatives In 2020

Mobile phones

The world is moving towards wireless technology, and there will definitely be a lot of phones that are connected to the internet. A simple download of the TeamViewer software will enable the user to connect to the internet from his phone, and this is the easiest method of accessing the files and settings.

This is particularly useful for those people who would like to access their files from their personal computer. However, the software is also quite expensive and not everybody can afford this. For this reason, there are a number of companies that provide you with a cheap USB stick and with the help of TeamViewer, you can access the same files or the same settings from a different place.

Network cards

If you have a broadband modem and a network card, you are ready to access the internet without the need to buy any hardware. However, this software is quite costly and you have to keep paying monthly dues in order to get full access to the internet.


Bluetooth is another popular option, which is also quite affordable and you will need to pay a low monthly fee to access the internet from the wireless devices. This is one of the most important options, which enables you to connect to the internet wirelessly and to do the work without using wires. This is very popular in businesses because this provides security and does not require any monthly bills.

Other ways to use these alternatives are through wireless laptops and computers that do not require installation. With the advent of cloud services, the technology has advanced so much that you can access your files or the same settings in the cloud and transfer them from one computer to another, just by making use of your smart phone or tablet.

What More Do You Need To Know

There will also be many other devices and gadgets in the future that will enable you to access your data without any software or through mobile apps. These will be able to run on a single device, which means you will have to share it among the employees or you will have to buy several devices to access them all. This will make the technology expensive and you cannot afford it for many people.

You may think that the cost will increase with the usage of these mobile devices, but this is not the case. In fact, the software is very affordable and you can easily spend less for it. and enjoy unlimited access to your files, while you use these devices.

Another thing is that you can access the internet through wireless devices, which will make the costs even cheaper. There will be no need to subscribe for long term subscriptions, as the connection is wireless. This is one of the best alternatives available in 2020, which is why you should ensure that you have the latest technology to be able to access your documents and other activities without any cost. You can also click on Best Free TeamViewer Alternatives 2020 to see more.


It should be noted that the internet service providers will become very high quality, so you will not have to worry about this. You will always have high quality service without having to worry about anything at all. Talking about TeamViewer, you may also like to check on the Best Password Manager if you happen to be a person that has a number of accounts across different Android apps, websites and emails clients.